The MicroBottler

The MicroBottler

All machines are modular in design and can be configured to your needs and run on a low current, 120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz power supply.

The MicroBottler is a Four head counter-pressure filler. It uses a tote system to move four bottles through machine at once. It can fill and close up to 10, 12oz (355ml) bottles per minute.  The base machine comes with Air or CO2 for slide movement and CO2 for bottle purge.  The machine is mounted on a roll around stand with locking wheels. The MicroBottler is also available as a gravity, or pump feed machine. 

In-line Bottle Closers Modules: Bottle closers in various styles can be mounted on the machine in line with the fill section.  Crown Caps (pry off or twist off), Twist off/on Safety Cap single hand pneumatic closer, and the Four Position Twist off/on Safety Cap Automatic pneumatic closer.  Corking is also available.

Options Include Bottle Wash Systems and the MicroRinse Exit side Rinser and Air Blast.

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    The MicroBottler Add-Ons

    Fill Type
    In-line Bottle Closers Modules
    Additional Options
    Bottle Wash SystemMicroRinse and Air BlastMicroCork™ Modular
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