The MicroBottler®

The MicroBottler®

Affordable & Efficient MicroBottler®

The MicroBottler® is a semi-automatic beverage bottling line. It is designed, built and supported in the USA. Choose the MicroBottler® to bottle your craft beverages if you want simple set up, efficient bottling by one operator, adjustability to different bottles, caps and corks and versatility to bottle carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

Simple Setup

Minimal setup, configuration, and maintenance required. Simple to operate, and easily operated by one individual.


Capable of bottling and capping or corking up to ten bottles per minute. Transfers bottles smoothly for further processing.


Accommodates bottles ranging in size from 6 to 25 ounces. Quickly and easily reconfigures without the use of tools.


Bottles beer, soda, cider, kombucha, juice, cold brewed coffee, sparkling wine, etc. Fills from a keg, bright tank, or vat.

Small Scale Bottling at a Cost You Can Afford

craft beverage bottling

Think you can’t afford a bottling line or fit one in your space?

The MicroBottler® is designed to be affordable, compact and easy to operate – the perfect fit to bottle all your delicious beverages or special runs.



Inches Wide

*Fits through a standard doorway

up to


Bottles per Hour

Equipment Innovations

The MicroBottler® – a compact, semi-automatic filling and capping machine is the first of many beverage bottling innovations to come from DK Advanced Technologies. Products can be customized for your business.
craft beverage bottling

Some of our craft beverage industry partners

  • Coopers Cave Ale
  • The Hive Winery
  • Simply Kombucha
  • Battle Hill
  • Summit Cyder
  • Argye Brewing Co

Associations we are a part of

NYS Brewers Association
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Find out how our MicroBottler® can work for you!